GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Create more Page Design Layouts for each episode's book using THESE TEMPLATES - these layouts can be based on pieces that aired on the TV show, or they can be theme-related. Please refer to these examples below that've been designed by the community so far.

The deadline for the 1st Draft is in ONE WEEK, so we need to get moving on this.



As I've been lucky enough to contribute to the making of Adieu's illustrations I thought a spread with a selection of some frames by the different illustrators could be nice. The result of the collaboration looks really cool once animated but I think that still images are also nice because you can realize the details that have been put in every illustration + the variety of styles.

Maybe the layout looks a bit too much like a comic strip, if anyone has another idea on how we could show these images, any suggestion is welcomed. Also, for some unknown reason the download of Zucherman's beautiful illustrations didn't work so I couldn't add his work to the selection.


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Re : Space is one of my favourite episode of hitrecord on tv and mainly thanks to above it all's animation so I felt like making some layout pages on this.

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Ever so slight edit on spacey's handwriting to make it a bit more legible.


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by joellen
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As soon as I saw this request I thought it might be cool to do double page spreads on some of the animated shorts from the TV show showing some of the development, concepts and designs that went into them.

So here's an example of one I threw together tonight based on my animated Cold Open for The Other Side episode.

I may do further versions to tweak the layout, but this is just an overall idea of how these spreads could work.

Download for a much better view of the layout!

psd file resourced below.

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