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An album to collect writing, images, music, ideas & inspiration for 'Herbert & Isle'...


I've been revisiting a lot of old pieces and seeing if I can recreate them in different ways, and I love this type of environment. If you remember, I did a piece like this but with a sad light-bulb called "The Long Walk Home". This was just for fun, and it was. Enjoy.

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Another finished piece done strictly with Muro, to test the app out a few years ago. Couldn't tell you how long it took, apparently I didn't take note at the time. Oops. :)

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peep peep

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Soooooooo, here's my blacked-out silhouette of the bird loop using Muybridge's Turkey Vulture as a reference. I think this works okay, so I can now move on to the next parts of the film. Wish me luck, this is where it starts to get complicated. 

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On massive gleaming shoulders a little bird alit

The robot did take notice, but didn't mind a bit

The bird had helped him watching, scoping out the land

The robot was quite happy to have him close at hand


“They have all gone” the small bird said, his chirp a little sad

“I see no trace of them at all, no sightings to be had.”

The robot sighed a weary sigh and out his voice came grating

“I think they've all destroyed themselves with all that groundless hating.”


“What happened to them,” asked the bird, because he was so young

The robot felt its circuits tripping from the question being flung

“It started with them raining fire and rockets from the sky.

And along with it the land all burned and the seas near boiled dry.”


“But you survived and look for them,” the birdlet had to mention

“I'm meant to be the final act of their plan for war prevention.

If someone is an enemy, it's my job to do the ridding

An enemy's whoever angers the one who does the bidding.”


“But they're all gone,” the bird then said, “and none of them are walking.”

“And now it's little birds like you who fill the world with talking,

That's no small thing,” the robot added, “and for that I am grateful

For I find that little birds like you have never acted hateful.”



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Isle: "Hey, Herbert?"

Herbert: "Yes, Isle?"

Isle: "What do you think is going to happen to the world?"

Herbert: "What exactly do you mean?"

Isle: "Well... What do you think will happen to everything around us? Will everything's batteries die, or will everything just suddenly disappear?"

Herbert: "I am afraid I do not have the answer to that, Isle. I know that eventually my battery will die, because I am a machine. One day I will be out here, probably talking to you and helping you ponder the myserties of the universe, and I may just stop working."

Isle: "When will that be?"

Herbert: "Oh, Isle, that will not be for a very long time I would imagine. We will see many more sunsets like this together, I can promise you that."

Isle: "I hope your battery lasts a very long time. I really enjoy our time together."

Herbert: "I enjoy our time together too, Isle. It is my favorite part of the day, when we come here to watch the sun set."

Isle: "Maybe the world just sets, you know - like the sun out there. Maybe one night, when everyone is done watching the sun set together, they all go inside to sleep and the world just slowly sets all at once - and everyone knows it is happening. But everyone just decides to keep sleeping, because they know they just watched the sun fade away together, and they know it is for the last time."

Herbert: "I think you are probably right, Isle..."

Isle: "I should head in, it's getting late. I'll see you tomorrow, Herbert."

Herbert: "Goodnight, Isle."

Isle: "Goodnight, Herbert."


The End.

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