by Marke

based on the idea of patterns within a community from the smallest organism to the outermost. just something I've always thought as beautiful in nature.

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When horizon lines intersect in a point, it creates the illusion that elements in an image converge and vanish. This convergence gives a sense of infinity, but also finality. As everything tunnels towards the vanishing point, the elements around it line up in orderly, repeating patterns.

On the other side of that point, things might continue forever, or drop away completely.

In our hubris, we call it 'vanishing,' as though the only things that are real are the things we can perceive.

Or maybe we believe that things beyond our perception are not truly there.

EDIT: I've been informed by halfreal that the record "shoe envy blues" was not uploaded by the person who created it. Therefore, please mentally subsitute that record (last row, second one down) for "Shining?" by poeticon. (I'm leaving the stolen record up as a resource so that the HR powers that be can find it easily and hopefully remove it.) 

by Proi
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This chapter still needs texts :) Please be inspired by the pictures or the title and write whatever you want for it :) An introduction would be the best ;)

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This chapter still needs texts :) Please be inspired by the pictures or the title and write whatever you want for it :) An introduction would be the best ;)

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This chapter still needs texts. 

Find the album here

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Patterns are comfort, in all their perfect predictability and unwavering rhythm.


A chapter based on the patterns we live every day, and the comfort of familiarity.

Album here. 

download for detail :)


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Original Text for TV Theme:

Apart from its mathematical aesthetic appeals, from double life of twins, to equilibrium in life, to deceiving reflections, to being trapped between equals, plenty of graphic, literature and music records have already tapped into the philosophical implications of symmetry. Something we can definitely build upon.

Updates for Pattern Book:

Graphically, symmetry is often heralded as a pattern of ultimate irreducablility. The harmony and beauty inherited in the perfectly balanced parts attract us, so we intuitively seek their existence in life. Left, right; day, night; reality and mirage. Certain virtue emerges when counterparts are interlocked and compared side by side.

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by DianeFT
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by IvanaK
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by TaschaS
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Chapter: Black & White 1


Please find original album here: (I still need creative texts, anyone?:))

by Dovile
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*It would be really ironic if somebody already suggested this as a chapter theme but I swear I didn’t mean to release a duplicate! Also, I’ve left annotations in the text of photographs that I think best represent that particular point if it helps or anything.*

We are copy cats. We imitate, mimic, duplicate and recreate on repeat. Whether it’s imitating products of nature or copying each other, it’s a behavioural pattern that has been recurring for as long as we can remember. We aspire to be like our role models [1]. We follow the crowd to fit in. We always want what someone else has. We observe, and we mimic.

We see birds fly and then invent the aeroplane [2]. We see animals and wear their prints on our bodies. The classic Aztec pattern is a result of the Aztecs reproducing geometric shapes they saw in nature [3]. We attempt to mirror the social standards set up by the media [4]. It is embedded in us; monkey see monkey do.

However, when we start to imitate each other, a strange obsession with originality emerges. We are aware that we are only reproducing what is already there, yet we love to do it anyway. As Oscar Wilde so eloquently phrased it, “talent borrows, genius steals”. Besides, isn’t imitation the best form of flattery [5],[6]?

If there is a pattern of conformity, then breaking the pattern would be non-conformity [7]. Then all the nonconformists become conformists in their nonconformity. And if non-conformity becomes conformity, are we then stuck in an endless cycle of breaking and creating patterns?

Alas, we are unique because we blend in to make up one larger pattern [8],[9]. We are all unique, just like everybody else. We observe, and we mimic [10]. We are copy cats.

EDIT: For some reason this text RECord, and all the images I've curated into an album claim not to be in an album when you open the drawer but they are! Click for curated chapter album.

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The Wold of Macro Patterns

Check out the rest of the album here:


It's easy to get lost in the woods and panic,

To ignore the bark collected on the trees,

To ignore on which side the moss grows

And the ever-loving humming of the bees,


It's easy to lose perspective

When the mountains are your captors,

The cold can freeze your eyelids shut,

Like words overwhelmed by chapters,


Yes we fight with courage, fly with speed,

And in the midst of bravery stay standing,

When it's best to fall to our knees,


Yes, we run with fervor and sweat frailty,

Find strength in moving quick as light,

Ignoring all subtlety,


But tell me the pattern in the bark of the Oak,

The one you used to climb as a child,

Tell me the number of stars in the sky,

The way the old playground concrete cracked, wild,


Whisper to me the patterns of the marbled floor,

The one you played on for hours years ago,

Or the texture of the nightgown your mother used to wear,

You used to nuzzle into, do you even know?


Can you trace the markings of your horses muzzle,

The velvet alleviating your every thought,

Can you feel the leather reins with which you use to struggle?

Or the black iron gate your father wrought?


While others are too busy watching the sky

To notice the shapes of the stars,

I memorized the unique rays of light,

And the rusted metal on my uncle's car,


The grain in the logs we burned to keep warm,

The tea stains on the book my mother read,

My lover's alabaster skin stretched below the beltline,

And the feeling of his bones, on mine, in bed,


Always aware my eyes were different,

Always knowing I was strange,

For, while others saw the bigger picture,

My eyes perceived a smaller range,


So can you draw the pistil of your favorite flower?

How many petals waved right under your nose?

You may know how many mountains stand around you,

But can you truly find the meaning in this prose?


Gorgeous writing by Xanlee. Thanks so much for creating this amazing piece of writing for this chapter idea!!!

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by Sharifa
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This week, i focused on the untitled pattern book collab and i made my ideal book with my weekly rerecs :


Seasons by LaraMinerva

This theme is really an ode to repetition. The pictures are great and i like the colors (white and blue for winter, yellow for summer...). This theme itself is a pattern and the pictures are made of repetition. That would be great as a first chapter, isn't it ?


Daily Patterns by fraulein :

This album if, in my opinion, the greatest one in the collab around habits, routines... Great work, fraulein !


 Déjà vu by mrbosslady :

This one is very original and i like the potentiality of this theme.


Cities are made of poetry by MeTaL_Pou :

(yes, i rerec my own album...:) ) Anyway, a lot of album are around architectural patterns and the city, i tried to make an album with a lot of diversity in it, but they all have their own specificity.


  Circles by EmmaConner :

The pictures of this album are beautiful. This geometrical theme is a great one.


  Nostalgia by TaschaS :

Full of emotion, this pattern is going through a lot of ther themes (family, time...) and that's great : It tells a story.


  Man vs nature by Diane FT :

I really love this idea ! It shows the patterns are everywhere.


  Chapter : school by ktjc216

This choice of photographs is really amazing, and i think school is a very evocative pattern.


The little things by Kellychase :

This album need more pictures and some texts, but this theme is a good one !


Breaking the pattern :

The idea is absolutely amazing and it has to be the last chapter of the book !!! In my opinion, this album need more pictures !


 See you next week <3


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A step is a measured unit of progression that takes you from one thing to another. If you record your steps properly, someone can come behind you and repeat the pattern.

We take them every day.

They might be literal, like climbing a staircase or walking down the street.

They might be the steps of a recipe, or the process of writing an essay.

If you get the steps of the recipe just right, you'll get the same cake again and again and again.

If you tell a friend the steps of travelling from the corner store to your apartment, he'll get there every time.

Without steps, without the pattern of repeatable processes, civilization would not have progressed.

...we wouldn't have gotten very far without stairs either.

by Proi
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by joellen
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by DianeFT
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by TheFox
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A Community, a swarm, a flock... any other collective noun that describes a group of organisms.

Where animals congregate or move on mass, but where the extent of the swarm is so large it becomes so that it is one entity. Such as a shoal of fish which swim together for protection in numbers, not one individual can be singled out, each move individually. There is no leader in a flock of birds, or even in a nest of ants (the workers control the queen rather than the otherway round). Without a heirachy each individual acts independantly in a way that creates an emergent pattern. 

This equality and common cause means a group can act almost as a single organism, its just shy of a Pando Forest and when you consider that the largest genetic Argentine ant colony in europe spreads across 3,700miles then these communities or 'almost organisms' can be pretty huge.

In humans these communities are more rare as survival is less reliant on numbers, although a city acts in much the same way, there is a saving to be made in repeatition. The modern world of leaders means that few cities apart from slums/favelas etc emerge naturally, but people still come together as a community. Although more so out of choice than neccesity. 

In a world which on the surface we seem to be moving away from communities, maybe the single person is now unwittingly part of the swarm. Or maybe its places like hitrecord that are the future of community, where it equals more than the sum of its parts. Each individual relies on another, each output a collaboration.

The beauty of the many, not the beauty of the one.    

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