A collection of RECords I am most proud of.


This piece is the child born of the story below: Please, read it if you would like to know more about my own story behind it.


There's plenty of room for people to put their own story to it, or to be used in a completely different way. Who knows!

Though, in short, this piece is a wave goodbye to my past. A look back on my journey to now. Now, finding myself on hitRECord, collaborating means building new things. Part of building a-new is letting go. Inadvertently, while building the edit I discovered that the threaded stories are connected in very unexpected ways, but that there is one underlying story being told over the years.

There's a lot more I would have liked to include in this, but since a lot of it is under the (Awfully outdated) Warner/Universal contracts - they technically own it, even though I created it... and since THE LAW IS THE LAW... well, I could only use some of my old stuff. Which, I simply wanted to offer up to anyone who wants to do anything with it.

On a special note: The beginning and the end shots of the girl in bed, are of Michéle, and also the very first things that I'd ever shot with her (12 years ago?) - which, was one of the very first times I'd done something on my own for the sake of doing it. That is to say, not as part of some music video or some client thing. Then again, you'd get that and then some, if you read the story linked above! (Personally, I wish I could find the old stop motion flicks I made when I was 6... oh well.)

Added this to a few other related collaborations, aside from just the loops collab. Which, I know is an old project - but I still wanted to put this in there, since it's so deeply personal to me. It hit me in the bones.


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RAW Footages:


Technical Notes:

Cameras used: Red Epic, Red One, Canon T2i, Panasonic Lumix GH2, Canon Rebel (The original silvah!), Canon XL-H1

RT: 00:06:12:00 (216 in reverse, because I'm from Cleveland)

Format: .mp4, H.264 VBR2, BR 5-10, AAC 48k - 1280x720 Square

Locations: Seattle, Cleveland, Hollywood, Orlando, NYC (Booklyn, son!)

Releases: Over the years I've been really good about keeping copies of paperwork when it was needed. So, all of that is available if ever necessary. (Locations, permissions/releases for both minors and casted [non-union] talent. - All are my right to transfer rights/license in perpetuity.)

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5 generations, 5 years old.

Had a chance to sit down with my Grandmother today. This is only a fraction of the material I captured, but wanted to keep the main focus of this centered around the family patterns request. Time with her is increasingly limited, and so I really wanted to jump on this request and get some of her stories on camera... even if just for memory sake.

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While working on putting together the raw material for "The Traveller", I happened upon enough "pov tests" to piece together this short story about "men who play games". My mind also needed to take a break from After Effects, as it is currently rendering out the greenscreen keys for the First Stars collab. So while that was rendering, I made this. I would have liked to actually match-move the narrative text to certain elements within the frame to represent different thoughts that come into focus as the focus shifts to them -- but this was just for fun, so... super quick. I had recently downloaded the song because I liked it, and just happened to have it present in my project -- thought it was fitting.


My mind, as of late, can not stop thinking about different possible ways in which "The Traveller" could (and should!) be expanded into something longer than a short film, like a feature.


Re: Money - Section starting at 0:53 & 1:57 Epocadofim places money into ticket machine.

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Playing around with the Russian Chromatic Accordion, the 'Bayan'!

Inpsired by Cousin Oleg; he live in missile silo. (Joke)

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Couldn't find some music to work to today, so I made some.

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