Watch these clips from the TV show and see how we all made them together...

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So, what is an open collaborative production company?


Writers, musicians, illustrators, photographers, video editors — artists of all kinds are invited to contribute their work to hitRECord. Once on the site, the hitRECord community collaboratively edits, builds upon, develops and remixes each others work to create songs, animation, short films, live shows, music videos — you name it!


As certain community collaborations develop at hitRECord we figure out ways to get our artwork out into the world. Since 2010, hitRECord has put out works of publishing and music, gone on tour and screened at festivals. And now, we're working on producing a TV variety show!


Now, the point of hitRECord isn't to make money. A wise man once said "we don't make movies to make money; we make money to make other movies" — and that's why hitRECord is a for-profit company. If and when we're able to earn money from one of our hitRECord productions — books, live shows, vinyl records — we split the profits 50-50 with the artists who contributed.

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